15 Of the most creative backyard decorating ideas

Our backyards are multifunctional, striking the perfect balance between visual appeal and convenience—after all, this is a place to gather with friends and family, so you want it to look beautiful!

Here are 15 of the most creative backyard decorating ideas!


Create An Outdoor Living Room 

Create A Seating Area  For Two

An area of the city with roots in Hollywood film noir and beyond.

CreatAmbiance With Path Lighting

Add Garden Decor  And Plants

Bunker Hill Value

Create A Vegetable Garden

Create A  Quiet Area

Now a beloved 1920s bar and club in what seems like decor, but is a true relic.

Design A Pretty Tablescape On Outdoor Tables

Add An Visual Interest 

Add Zen To Your Outdoor Space

Luckily, with the right outdoor décor ideas and tools, you too can create a backyard that feels welcoming and relaxing.

It’s hard to imagine Los Angeles without the stadium, which now plays neighbor to bustling and diverse Eastside neighborhoods and families.