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Custom DIY Area Rug From Placemats

Here is an easy how-to on how to create an area rug from placemats. With the help of carpet tape and a little creativity, you can design and create a custom rug in less than an hour. Because placemats don't need to be just for the table. I am sharing the size of placemats I used, but depending on the design and size you want your custom rug to be, you'll need to make width and length adjustments.
Prep Time15 mins
Active Time35 mins
Cost: $70


  • 24 (14 inch square) placemats
  • 2 rolls single-sided carpet tape


  • Choose placemats you'd like to use for a rug, and if there is room, lay them out on the floor of the aisle to gauge design.
  • To seam the placemats together, use single sided carpet tape.
  • Remove all tags from placemats and lay out rug pattern on a flat surface, such as your floor.
  • Measure the edge of the placemat that will be joined to another edge, and cut tape to size.
  • Remove backing from tape, and place the mat halfway onto the tape, saving the other half for the next mat.
  • Join next placemat to the first, pressing down on the seam to secure.
  • Repeat step with another placemat. The placemats making the circumference edge of the rug will be joined on 3 sides to other mats. The center mats will be joined on all 4 sides.
  • Press the seams together to create a tight fit.
  • Continue steps until rug is completed.