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DIY Wreath To Placemat

Who says a wreath needs to always be hanging on a wall? A wreath can be just as pretty surrounding a place setting. Here's how to create a beautiful tablescape using a wreath made of gorgeous greenery.
Prep Time20 mins
Active Time30 mins
Cost: $5


  • wire wreath form


  • greenery cuttings from outside
  • floral wire
  • 16 inch floral wreath form


  • Cut small pine branches with clippers
  • With floral wire, gather branches by twos or threes, and wrap wire tightly around branches, leaving two inches of extra wire on each side.
  • Continue wrapping branches by two or three until you have about ten to twelve bundles.
  • Take one bundle and attach to wire wreath form. Attach with extra wire from greenery bundles and wrap tightly.
  • Continue to wrap each greenery bundle, adding bundles along the way, all the way around wreath form until the wreath is completely filled.
  • Tuck the last bundle under the the first bundle, making for a seamless mix.